Bhutan row of traditional colorful painted prayer wheels


Unlike Western countries, Bhutanese accommodations have no star ratings. However the standard hotels, lodges and guesthouses are usually good, often small and with a great ambiance. The more popular tourist destinations like Western and Central Bhutan usually have the higher standards of star rated European and Asian properties. In the less traveled areas of Eastern Bhutan the standard accommodations are modest but adequate. These family owned accomodations vary widely and have improved greatly over the years. Since Bhutan’s Eastern region is being discovered by travelers, more and better hotels are built every year. There are a few very luxury hotels and resorts, but they are rather expensive.

In Bhutan it’s custom that your accommodation is centrally allocated and this can even happen last minute. Also Bhutanese accommodations are not always sufficient for the growing number of tourists, especially during the main festivals. This means you can be allotted another hotel.

All hotel rooms are decorated in a traditional Bhutanese style, cozy and well-heated during the winter. The Western style bathrooms are clean with running hot and cold water. The hotel’s restaurants not only serve traditional Bhutanese cuisine, but also that of many other countries, customized to the Western taste. Meals are usually served in buffet style.                                     

Bhutan camping