Kuensel is Bhutan’s national newspaper. It’s published bi-weekly in three languages: Dzongkha, English and Nepali. The newspaper is well written and highly informative. Check it out at Bhutan’s newest independent weekly newspapers are the Bhutan Times and Bhutan Observer. You can take a preview via and

Television & radio

In 1999 television was introduced to Bhutan’s citizens. Since then, Bhutan Broadcating Service has grown, with good broadcast news and programming for radio and television. Private cable operators throughout the country provide access to several regional and international broadcasts.

Recommended reading / viewing

If you want to know more about life in Bhutan, watch the movie ‘Travellers and Magicians’ ( This first internationally acclaimed feature film showcases life in Bhutan in a beautiful way.

Another very entertaining and informative book is the novel ‘Beyond the Sky and the Earth’. It tells the true story of a young Canadian's experiences while teaching at several Bhutanese schools. Author is Jamie Zeppa.

The Buddhist monarchy in Bhutan is well described in ‘The Raven Crown’ by Michael Aris.

Tip: Check out Abyznewslinks for an overview of Bhutan newspapers and news media (national, local and foreign).

Bhutan morning light on Chomolhari mountain Morning light on Bhutan mountain