Bhutan Buddhist wall painting thanka Bhutans unique spirit and identity is also reflected in the arts and crafts, which are all religiously rooted. Three characteristics are typical for Bhutanese art: it has no independent aesthetic function, it is religious and anonymous. Bhutan ‘art of Zorig Chosum’ contains 13 arts and crafts. These vary from paintings and thankas (wall hangings) to sculptures, weaving, paper making, wood carving, carpentry, blacksmithing, swordmaking, boothmaking, thazo (bamboo craft), jewelry and bow and Old Bhutanese Doorknob arrow making.

Because the Bhutanese make the arts merely for themselves and not for tourists, they are still very much alive. Also, the government puts a great emphasis on the preservation of culture and tradition and supports it in several ways.




   Bhutanese old doorknob

Thanka wall painting by Bhutan Buddhist