Bhutans absolute # 1 sport is archery. Each village has its' own archery range and every festival knows a high-spirited competition. Archery tournaments happen all through the year on local, inter-village and national level. Teams of archers use bamboo bows, shooting at wooden targets only 30 centimeters in diameter from a distance of 140 meters. The wooden targets are embellished with bright colourful patterns. Although the major role is reserved for the archers, their supporters are maybe just as important, encouraging them strongly and trying to off the opposition with a lot of noise, supported by the arra (alcohol) which flows from dusk until dawn, keeping the spirits high. If you get the change to visit an archery tournament, let yourself be immersed in a great exitement, initiation ceremonies, wild dances, singing, jeering and near-primitive howls.

Archery in Bhutan

Archery is a favourite sport in Bhutan


Although football is not as big as in many other countries across the world, Bhutan does have its own national footballteam. In 2002 their team became penultimate of the national teams, ranking 202nd. June 30th, the day of the worldfinal in Japan, was a historical event. For the first time in history, Bhutan’s national team won an international match. They defeated Montserrat (ending last in the rankings) with 4-0.


The Royal Thimphu Golf Course is the only public golf course in Bhutan. Nestled in the Himalayan valley of Thimphu, it offers a challenging nine-hole (par 33) course. While you are there, enjoy a marvelous meal in the restaurant at the golf course, one of Thimphu’s best. The course is about 35 years old, has about 100 members and is open all year.

Chorten in Bhutanese style up on Dochu La pass at 3140 meters

Dochu La pass (3140 m) - Chorten in Bhutanese style