The Bhutanese government has set a non negotiable minimum daily tariff. The daily tariff includes all of your accommodation, food, land transport within Bhutan, services of guides and porters, supply of pack animals on treks and cultural programs as appropriate. It also includes a US$ 65  tax, which is used by the government to fund infrastructure, education, health and other programs. The rate is the same for all tours and trekkkings. Your tour operator will take care all of the arrangement for visas, Druk Air reservation, hotel booking, and obtaning permits to visit restricted places. These rates can be higher, depending on the nature of services.

Mandated costs:

  • High season US 200 US$ per person per night
  • Low season tariff 165 US$ per person per night (July and August are low season)
  • Surchage for individual travellers: 40 US$ per night
  • Surchage for groups of two persons: 30 US$ per person per night
  • Trekkers who make long treks, get a 10% discount on days 11 to 20 and 20% from day 21 on

Most tour operators expect you to pay separately for all drinks, including liquor, beer, mineral water and bottled soft drinks. You’ll also have to pay extra for laundry, horseback riding and extras like massages or a Bhutanese hot-stone bath.

If you want to individualise your itinerary, there are several options, varying from expert guides, special permits and luxury vehicles to cultural shows and courses, special food and premium accommodation. This is added to the daily tariff you have to pay.

Dra Kabo monastery Bhutan

Dra Kabo monastery Bhutan