If you want to purchase old and used items (100 years or older), be cautious. The Bhutanese customs authorities strictly monitor the export of any religious antiquities or antiques of any kind from the Kingdom. You’re not allowed to take items out of the country which haven’t been officially certified as non-antique. Therefore always look for a government seal/stamp.

If you bring electronic devices with you like camcorders, cameras, computers or portable telephones, you have to register them with the customs authorities on arrival at Paro. They will be checked on departure. When you arrive in Bhutan, a customs form is issued. You must fill out this form with declarations and return them to the authorities before you leave the country. Import of plants, soils, et cetera, are subject to quarantine regulations. You must declare these items on arrival. For smokers, all tobacco products will be subject to a custom tax of 100% upon arrival.

When departing from Paro, you have to pay an airport tax of Nu 500 (10 $); this is included in the price of the ticket.

Buddhist prayer flags at Chimi Lhakhang in Bhutan

Chimi Lhakhang Buddhist prayer flags in Bhutan